Personalized Partition Engravings

Personalized Partition Engravings

Want to take your partitions to the next level? Columbia Partitions is now offering custom engravings for phenolic toilet partitions. Get all of the durability of Solid Phenolic with the added aesthetic appeal of a well-designed partition door.

All of our engraved partitions are designed to have a design that is both beautiful and safe with smooth edges and custom-drawn illustrations. The doors are 58″ tall and can have parts of the illustration sit above the standard door height for an added unique quality. These partitions are moisture-resistant, scratch and graffiti resistant, and can come in any of our available phenolic colors.

Download our phenolic color chart here. 

Athletic Series

Custom engravings can be designed to feature your school’s mascot, athletes and sports figures, logo, taglines and catch phrases, and more! These partitions are a great addition to any locker room, sports stadium, school, or gym.

Sunshine Series

Our partitions have been featured in Columbia, SC’s zoo. Our sunshine series showcases the wide variety of animals that the zoo’s conservation efforts have helped.

Add a Personal Touch

For more information about making a statement in your commercial restrooms, contact our team today. We’re excited to offer such a personalized product to our line of durable phenolic partitions.

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