Phenolic Recessed Handles

Phenolic Recessed Handles

When designing lockers, it’s important to consider all the possible facilities that will require lockers and the end users who will be using them. As the most durable material for the manufacturing of lockers, Phenolic is an excellent choice for high-traffic facilities such as school hallways and locker rooms. One option the market was missing was a flat locker face for phenolic lockers. PSiSC understands the importance of safety and aesthetic quality, so we sought out a design that would create a safer locker for our customers.

As the first and only recessed handle on the phenolic locker market, PSiSC is proud to introduce this safer, more appealing design option to our product line. Recessed handles are important – especially for lockers that are placed in a high-traffic area such as a school hallway – as they create a flat surface for the phenolic locker face. Passerby foot traffic can avoid bumping into or catching on a handle or lock that protrudes from the surface of the lockers.

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