For over 15 years, PSiSC has been manufacturing Phenolic and PolyLife HDPE Lockers. Columbia Lockers feature mortise & tenon joints, stainless steel fasteners, aluminum & stainless steel hinges, and frameless doors. The Uni-Box design allows for lockers to be arranged into hundreds of configurations and can be mixed and matched to create a truly custom locker facility. Columbia Lockers can be combined with matching benches, hardware and a variety of optional accessories.

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From product specifications, technical data sheets, and installation manuals to warranty information and maintenance tips, our toolbox has everything you need for the more technical side of our product lines.

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Locker Benches

No locker room is complete without benches. PSiSC offers benches made with the same durable material that the lockers are constructed of and retain all of the same benefits in strength and ease of maintenance. We have 4 options available for pedestal choice: stainless steel, powder coated stainless steel, powder coated aluminum, and a wall […]

Locker Materials

It's time to raise the bar on our expectations of what a truly high quality locker should look like. Columbia Lockers began by selecting only the most durable, aesthetically pleasing materials on the market: PolyLife HDPE and Solid Phenolic. These solid plastics are not only more durable, but will never rust, dent, or bend (unlike traditional metal lockers.) Take a look at each of our durable materials and the properties that set them above and beyond the rest.

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Solid Phenolic is the most durable material in the world for the manufacturing of lockers and toilet partitions.

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PolyLife is a solid plastic, commonly referred to as HDPE (High Density Polyethylene).

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Columbia Terracore ®

Columbia Terracore is a color through phenolic material featuring high durabilty, moisture resistance, and vandal deterrant qualities.

Locker Configurations

Looking for a specific configuration of lockers for your locker room? We offer several different options to choose from. Our lockers feature a unique modular design that leads the industry in durability, functionality, and flexibility. You’ll be able to mix and match any of our configurations and styles to better fit your design and special requirements. Click on a layout to see the dimensions we have available.

1-6 & Z-TIER

1-6 & Z-TIER







Lock Options

Having plenty of options for how you secure your belongings is important, especially considering the wide range of uses our customers have for their lockers. That's why Columbia Lockers offers a wide variety of lock options! We understand the need for versatile and safe locking mechanisms without having to sacrifice security or visual appeal. Take a look at our ever-expanding product line of lock options. *Note: ADA options are available for select locks. For questions about ADA compliance, give our team a call at (803) 252-3020.

Padlock Hasp with Handle

Standard lock option for PolyLife HDPE, an antimicrobial lift-to-open handle.

Hasp Lock w/Handle

Standard option for phenolic lockers, made from a durable plastic that can be engraved. Also available in stainless steel.

Hasp Lock with Recessed Handle

An alternative option for those looking for a flat locker face.
*Only available for phenolic lockers

Master Lock Built-in Number Combination

Built-in number combination lock with optional ADA accessible key.

Master Lock Wrap Around Latch

Built-in Combination Lock

Kenstan Cylinder Key Operated

Operate using a unique key, a great option for locker rentals.

Ojmar Mechanical Day Use

Phenolic numeric lock from Ojmar Analog comes with a master key and individual combinations.
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Master Lock Mechanical Day Use

Numeric lock from Master Lock, this analog number combo lock comes with a master key as well.

Zephyr Push Button Mechanical Lock

Options for Right or Left Hand, Deadbolt Latch PolyLife Version

Zephyr Push Button Mechanical Lock

Options for Right or Left Hand, Spring Latch Phenolic Version

Zephyr Push Button Mechanical Cam Lock

*Back Plate and Longer Screws
Options for Vertical or Horizontal Mounts

Zephyr Push Button Mechanical Cam Lock

Vertical or Horizontal Options Available

Zephyr Chrome Mechanical Push Button Lock

Vertical or Horizontal Options Available

DigiLock Keypad Lock

Standard Keypad Lock Options for Shared or Assigned use & Handle or No Handle,

Master Lock Electronic

Built-in Electronic Combination Lock (Optional Bluetooth with ADA FOB)

Ojmar Electronic Day Use Lock

Available in Black or White

DigiLock Keypad Lock

Advanced Security, Options for Shared or Assigned Use & Pull/No Pull

NEXT Digilock

Programmable lock from NEXT utilizes a digital combination locking method.

Keyless Access Lock (Self-Locking)

Self-Locking Bolt Number Combination Lock, Horizontal, Vertical, Left and Right Orientations.

Keyless Access Lock (Manual)

Number Combination Lock, Horizontal, Vertical, Left, Right Orientations

Zephyr Electronic Push Button Cam Lock

Vertical or Horizontal Options Available

DigiLock Touch RFID

With or Without handle, Shared or Assigned Use

Zephyr Electronic RFID Spring Latch Lock

Left hand and Right Hand Options Available, Single User Card Access Lock

Coin Retain/Return Lock

Operate this lock by inserting a coin.

Card Lock

Operate by inserting a credit card

Zephyr RFID Keypad or Card Access Lock

Right Hand and Left Hand Options Available, Spring Latch

Zephyr RFID Card Access Lock

Zephyr Card or Code Access Lock

Left or Right Handed Options

Zephyr RFID Card or Keypad Cam Lock

Options for Vertical and Horizontal & Right or Left Hand Mounts

Hinge Options

Most locker designs have a limited opening and door swing, making access to the locker interior more limited and difficult. PSiSC's Columbia Lockers are designed with a much wider opening than traditional lockers, with an additional 3 inches of locker opening space. We offer three options for locker hinges, made from highly durable stainless steel or aluminum.

Phenolic Offset Hinge

A concealed hinge with a wider door swing.

Made from Powder Coated Stainless Steel
Door Swing: 180 degrees

Phenolic Concealed Hinge

The standard hinge option for phenolic lockers.

Made from Stainless Steel
Door Swing: 110 degrees

Phenolic Unihinge

Continuous black hinge that runs the entire length of the locker body.

Made from Powder Coated Aluminum
Door Swing: 180 degrees

PolyLife HDPE Unihinge

Continuous hinge that runs the entire length of the locker body, color will match the material of the locker.

Made from Powder Coated Aluminum
Door Swing: 180 degrees

Locker Accessories

Football Shoulder Pad/Helmet Rack

Shoulder pad rack with optional helmet holder mounts to any stadium locker.
Stadium Lockers Only

Baseball Bat Holder

The perfect equipment holder for baseball bats, lacrosse sticks, hockey sticks, and more.

Embroidered Seat Cushion

Add your team's logo or mascot to a comfortable cushion.
Stadium Lockers Only

J-Hooks and Bar

Hang jerseys neatly on a securely mounted J-Hook or Bar.

Custom Logo Engravings

Add your team's logo or mascot to any locker door or the back panel of our stadium lockers.
Phenolic Only

LED Lighting

Make your team's equipment shine bright with LED lights.

USB Outlet

Secure and charge electrical devices using USB-capable outlets.

Locker Features

Since first introducing Columbia Lockers to the market, PSiSC has continued to lead the industry in innovative design and durability. We pride ourselves on not only offering a standard line of lockers, but also our ability to create custom lockers for unique uses or facilities. Take a look at all of the incredible features PSiSC offers on our line of Columbia Lockers.

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Mortise & Tenon Joints

Using a stronger, more secure design, our mortise & tenon construction offers even more durability to the top lockers on the market.

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Frameless Doors

Columbia lockers offer an additional 3” of opening over metal lockers used by other manufacturers.

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Improved Ventilation

Hidden ventilation holes in the top, bottom, & shelves along with an 1/8” gap between the door and the body gives Columbia Lockers 3 to 4 times more ventilation than traditional lockers.

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Uni-box Design

The Uni-Box Design allows for Columbia Lockers to be arranged into hundreds of configurations & can be mixed and matched to create truly custom layouts.

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Phenolic Recessed Handles

A recent development to our product line, Phenolic Recessed handles offer an innovative and safe solution for achieving a flat, flush locker face, even with a traditional hasp lock.

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Antimicrobial Protection

Antimicrobial finishes are available to Columbia PolyLife lockers. This feature provides a barrier of protection that kills harmful microbes on contact, with an efficacy rating of over 4.0!

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Phenolic Lockers

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PolyLife Lockers


PSiSC is committed to promoting a greener environment by actively seeking out opportunities to safeguard and ensure the sustainability of our natural resources.



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